Advice and information

We sell costume jewelry, so it should be clarified at the outset that jewelry that is not made of precious metals is considered costume jewelry. In the descriptions of individual goods, you may come across the terms "in color... silver, platinum, bronze, copper, gold - these are not precious metals, they are just names of colors and shades.

We can also say about costume jewelry that it is easier to damage it and lose its original shine and attractiveness in case of improper care. Avoid the effects of chemical substances (hairspray, perfume, make-up or other cosmetic products), take off your jewelery before contact with water (washing your hands, showering, swimming in the pool, etc.), do not sleep with them on - you risk their deformation, reserve a special place for jewelery (jewelry box, bags, pouches) where it will be protected from moisture, light and other influences such as oxygen. Do not wear this jewelry during sports. Among the physical phenomena that harm jewelery are primarily bright sunlight, humidity or, for example, the intense heat that you are exposed to in saunas. The light damages the galvanized parts of the jewelry, and the deposited dust changes the color of the lacquered components (such as wires). These surfaces can also lose their resistance over time and corrode. Basic rule - costume jewelry is put on last and taken off first.

Use a velvet or flannel cloth (glasses cloth is also great) to remove minor dirt from your jewelry. Thanks to it, you can get rid of small, surface dirt. If you need to remove other impurities from the jewelry, never use chemical cleaners! Moisten the toothbrush and gently get rid of the dirty particles.

Individual jewelry is made of different alloys and may contain nickel. The offer also includes earrings with hooks made of surgical steel - this material can only be mechanically damaged - such as scratches. If blackening occurs, it is due to the action of other metals or acids.

The silver-plated assortment is treated with a silver compound and the products are stamped 925, these are not products that are entirely made of silver, but are only silver-plated - these products need to be cared for in the same way as jewelry.