bracelet - balance (aventurine)

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bracelet (flexible) with 10mm matte peach aventurine beads, complete with milky beads and angel wings with roses

Aventurine: belongs to the most versatile and effective stones. It establishes a close connection with nature and its energy, helps us absorb its harmony, awaken our soul and open it to this simple beauty. It has a very positive effect on everything related to prosperity and wealth. It is strongly connected to the deva realm, used to protect gardens or houses from geopathogenic zones. Carried around, it absorbs electrosmog and protects against environmental pollutants. It mitigates or completely cancels the impact of negative situations and turns them into their opposite. On the spiritual level: sharpens intuition and opens the way to clairvoyance. A great stone for meditation, it induces higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. It encourages its owner to serve for the benefit of humanity. Creates a protective shield for the aura and balances the chakras. Purifies the throat chakra and maintains communication with higher planes. It also helps maintain harmony between the physical and spiritual bodies.
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